Thousands of college students have participated in Hands On Orlando's volunteer projects.


Students will find their time well-spent, and tasks that make up projects, hands-on and meaningful.

Projects have a service-learning focus and improve The Human Condition.

Fundamentally, we inspire, educate and empower students to help solve community problems through volunteer action.

Projects are customized by HOO to meet the goals of each group, in terms of the social issue impact, exertion level, time frame and more.


Not only does HOO plan all projects, it manages, attends and leads each project.


Who benefits? Project beneficiaries are (1) non-profit organizations and (2) the people they serve, as well as (3) participating students.


Hands On Orlando's work and experience can enhance the success trajectory of people who volunteer.

In addition to volunteering, HOO can coordinate, facilitate and lead training sessions and student discussions about volunteerism before or after their project occurs.

Hands On Orlando's projects take place in the community at area non-profit organizations or inside hotels.