Q: How many students can participate in a project?

A: Volunteer capacity varies by project. Factors include: (1) scope of work, (2) size of worksite and (3) length of project in terms of hours. A typical project involves approximately 20 students.

Q: What are the largest and smallest student groups managed by Hands On Orlando?


A: The most volunteers HOO has managed in one day for a student group is 6,000. It involved 65 locations and 125 buses. Some projects involve fewer than 10 people.


Q: What is a customized project?

A: Hands On Orlando will identify and manage your project that addresses the social issue most important to your group, on the date and time that works best for you. Tasks will also align with your objectives and goals. HOO plans, attends and leads all projects and provides the tools and supplies your group will need, based upon your group's budget.

Q: How long do volunteer projects last?

A: Typically, projects that occur in the community involve three hours of boot-on-the-ground time. They can last longer if that's what groups desire. In hotel projects typically last 90 minutes to two hours.

Q: How many volunteer projects has Hands On Orlando managed? Where do volunteers come from?

A: Hands On Orlando has managed over 200,000 volunteers, since 1999, who have come from all 50 States, Puerto Rico, D.C. and more than 60 countries.

Q: What amount of lead time is needed for HOO to plan our project?

A: Typically, one month or more is recommended. Some groups contact Hands On Orlando more than a year in advance. Others alert us less than two weeks before they plan to arrive in Central Florida. Lead time needed is also based upon group size and project complexity.

Q: Do groups need chaperones or a leader?

A: Yes. We require one chaperone/leader per project site for college groups and one chaperone for every 12 students when supporting high school students.


Q: Can't I call charities in Central Florida directly and book our own project?


A: Yes. We have found that many volunteer projects offered to student groups that book their own projects involve sorting and cleaning.


Projects that cause a greater impact upon volunteers and non-profit organizations aren't typically offered for a few reasons.


  • Non-profit organization staff time required for project planning, management and volunteer group oversight.

  • Lack the technical knowledge and skill needed to coordinate and implement a project successfully.

  • Concerns that groups will not have the maturity or skills needed to be successful.

  • Lack the time to complete the job successfully before it is time for them to leave.

  • Not have the financial resources to obtain project tools, supplies and volunteer support materials.


Most non-profit organizations have volunteers who make long-term time commitments. Few are adept at managing youth and young adult groups on an episodic, one-and-done basis. HOO helps volunteers as much as it does charities. Supporting volunteers is not typically the viewpoint of non-profit organizations.


Few charities focus on volunteer service-learning, which the majority of student groups we engage consider meaningful. All Hands On Orlando projects involve a welcome, which helps to establish purpose, support during the experience and a wrap-up that involves a project summation and reflection.

Q: Does Hands On Orlando provide travel to and from projects?

A: No. However, HOO can recommend bus/van vendors that transport groups that use Hands On Orlando.

Q: Can Hands On Orlando house our group while it is in the Orlando area?

A: Sorry. We can suggest hotels that can accommodate your group.

Q: How much money does it cost?

A: Project budgets vary based upon factors like, cost of project supplies, number of students engaged and project duration. It would figure that a six hour long project would require twice the amount of supplies, beverages, volunteer support and on-site staff management time than a three hour project. A project that involves painting and planting trees will cost more than making customized STEM puzzles or mural boards for children. Projects start at $75 per person. HOO will gather information from you about your group, objectives and goals. We will develop a project outline proposal before our project planning work occurs.

Q: What is a fair, objective and rational way to consider cost?

A: Student groups typically raise money to pay for transportation, lodging, food and at least one visit to a theme park of beach. Like these items, it is reasonable that it takes financial resources to cover the cost of group volunteer projects, including supplies, tools and project management.


Hands On Orlando is unable to underwrite the cost of your project. Volunteer hours benefit third-party charities, not HOO. Items like paint, plants, mulch, lumber, etc. stay at and enhance benefiting charities. 


Also, HOO doesn't not charge the non-profit organizations, schools or parks it helps. Hands On Orlando is a 501c(3) non-profit charity and all funds received support HOO's non-profit work and mission.